Robin Banerjee & Mr PC Ska Jazz

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Robin Banerjee, Amy Winehouse’s guitarist.

Robin Banerjee and Mr PC Ska Jazz ‘Live at Jazz Voyeur’ Buenos Aires is a brillant show the group performed during the 2019 Tour of Argentina. With J.M. Valentino as special guest.

Mr PC Ska Jazz is a jazz, reggae and ska group led by Pablo Clavijo (Argentina), ex saxophonist of Karamelo Santo, and Robin Banerjee (UK) (Amy Winehouse, Jazz Jamaica)

The group blends jazz, traditional Jamaican ska and reggae to produce a fusion of genres that have common roots in Africa, and improvisation methods as their main feature.

This is a great opportunity to see the show from the comfort of your home, drink something nice and enjoy the excellently mastered analogue sound.

Robin Banerjee, Guitarist.
Pablo Clavijo, Saxophonist and Composer.
Dante José Clementino, Pianist.
Cristian Jahde, Bassist.
Pedro Colpachi, Drummer.
Special Guest:
JM Valentino, Jazz Guitar.

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Robin Banerjee & Mr PC Ska Jazz

El guitarrista de Amy Winehouse en un show vibrante

Robin Banerjee & Mr PC Ska Jazz ‘Live at Jazz Voyeur’ es una oportunidad única para revivir el show que Mr PC Ska Jazz realizó durante el tour argentino 2019, en ocasión de la visita de Robin Banerjee (UK), guitarrista de Amy Winehouse y Jazz Jamaica. Con la participación de J.M. Valentino (Valentino Jazz Bazar) como invitado especial.

Mr. PC Ska Jazz es un grupo de jazz, reggae y ska liderado por Pablo Clavijo (Argentina) ex saxofonista de Karamelo Santo y Robin Banerjee (UK), guitarrista de Amy Winehouse y Jazz Jamaica

El grupo fusiona el jazz con el ska y reggae tradicionales de Jamaica para lograr una amalgama de géneros que tienen su raíz común en África y que comparten la improvisación como carácter principal.

Un show para ponerse cómodo, beber algo agradable y disfrutar del excelente audio masterizado analógicamente.

Robin Banerjee (Guitarra), Pablo Clavijo ( Saxo), Dante Clementino (Piano), Cristian Jahde (Bajo), Pedro Colpachi (Bateria) Invitado Especial: J.M. Valentino (Guitarra)

Grabacion y Mezcla: Augusto “Roly” Martinez

Mastering: Hernan Asconiga

Video: cámara, edición y corrección de color: Luciano Calello

Robin Banerjee & Mr PC Ska Jazz

Robin Banerjee, Guitarist.

London-based guitarist Robin Banerjee is as prolific as he is versatile.
His outstanding improvisational skills have led him to perform over 2500 concerts in 37 countries with Groups such as Jazz Jamaica (a group he was part of for 12 years) Robin also worked alongside the great Amy Winehouse and recorded a number of songs on the deluxe album version of Back To Black including the acoustic version of ‘Valerie’.
Robin has shared the stage at Jazz Festivals and Clubs with Roy Hargrove (Brecon 2005),Hugh Masekela (North Sea Jazz Festival 2004),Ernest Ranglin and Jazz Jamaica (Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club 2009), Frank Mcomb, Denys Baptiste,and during his time in Hong Kong performed with Cantopop Stars including – Alex To, George Lamb, Bianca Wu, and Kay Tse


Pablo Clavijo, Saxophonist and Composer.

He was born in La Plata. He graduated from the University of Arts of La Plata city and from the EMPA. He studied with Pablo Ledesma, Gustavo Hunt, Gustavo Camara and Ricardo Cavalli
Between 1997 and 2015 he was a member of Karamelo Santo group and toured extensively throughout Latin America, USA and Europe.
He has performed along side of Bernard Fowler ( Rolling Stones), Bandalos Chinos, Kapanga, Coti Sorokin, Jimmy Bosch (Trombonist of Ruben blades), Miguel “Chucky” de Ipola, Pilo Gomez, Tambo Tambo, Jimena Baron among others.


Dante José Clementino, Pianist.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1967, in a family of musicians. He studied with Edgardo Beilin, and Abel Rogantini.
Juan Carlos “mono” Fontana, was his teacher and his career guide. He later perfected his skills with Maestro Juan Carlos Cirigliano. He is currently a member of Dancing Mood, Mimi Maura and Los sedantes.
He performed with Rico Rodriguez, Doreen Shaffer, Pauline Black, Lynval Golding, Caroll Thompson, Dennis Bovell, Ras Mel Glover, Los Auténticos Decadentes, Javier Malossetti, Dread Mar I, Sergio Pángaro y Baccarat, Francisco Bochatón, Natty Combo, Luciano, Standard Roots, Reggae Jazz Project.


Cristian Jahde, Bassist

He has collaborated as a bassist with artists such as Egle Martin, Claudio Basso, Maia Contreras, Santhi and the groups Super 8, No Rehab Band, Bluesberry Jam, among others.
He is the arranger of the Orquesta Ocasional de Rock Sinfónico (OORS) of General Roca, Rio Negro. He has worked as a harmony assistant at the Musical Arts Department of the National University of the Arts in Buenos Aires, where he graduated.

He currently performs in a solo live set with looping, guitar, bass and voice. He is a composer of music in various styles ranging from academic music to sounds such as jazz and pop. He teaches electric bass and guitar.


Pedro Colpachi, Drummer.

Born in Buenos Aires. He studied music with Gustavo Meli (Mendoza), Sebastián Peyceré (Buenos Aires), Ari Höneig (NY); and classical percussion at the Astor Piazzola Conservatory (Buenos Aires).
He played and recorded with groups and artists of different genres, latitudes and musical universes. To name a few Eddie Gomez, Delmar Brown, Bernard Fowller (Rolling Stones), Charly Garcia, Alejandro Medina, Celeste Carballo, Rascasuelos, Willy Crook, Karamelo Santo, Todos Tus Muertos, José de San Martín Youth Symphony Orchestra, Fernando Kabusacki, Pipo Cipolatti, Claudia Puyó, Ricardo Tapia and Eduardo Introcaso (La Mississipi), Chucky de Ipola, Andrés Ciro (Los Piojos), Negro Garcia López, Javier Calamaro, Juanse, Marcelo Moura Diego Frenkel, Muerdo (Spain), Indio Marquez.

Instagram: @mrpcskajazz
Youtube: Mr PC Ska Jazz
Facebook: Mr PC Ska Jazz